Real World Gardener Best Scented Roses in Design Elements

December 15th, 2017


Scented Roses That Don't Fail

Have you hankered after roses for your garden but think they’re too much work?

All that spraying, pruning and fertilising.



But gee, whizz, it still would be nice to have one or two?

You may have even discounted have a rose because of the climate you live in.

The modern hyrbid teas are martyrs to high humidity which brings with it all manner of diseases such as the dreaded powdery mildew.

we're moving away from the long stemmed roses that you might see on Valentine's Day.


Instead, we're suggesting some more old fashioned types that have parentage from China and Vietnam.

Here’s a selection to suit different climates.

Let’s find out.

I'm talking with Peter Nixon of Paradisus Design


Peter mentioned R. (sanguinea) chinensis ‘Miss Lowe’s Variety’ or Bengal Crimson

R. chinensis mutabilis 
R. chinensis ‘One Thousand Lights’


Rosa General Schablikine

Lady Hillingdon, Monsieur Tillier, General Schablikine, General Gallieni, Mrs Dudley Cross, Duchesse de Brabant, Mrs. BR Cant, Niphetos, Jean Ducher, Lady Roberts, Papa Gontier, Safrano Alister Clark Rosa ‘Lorraine Lee’, Squatters Dream


If you have any questions about which rose to plant either for me or Peter, why not email us or write in to 2RRR PO Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675

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