Real World Gardener Best Fit Gardening and Weed Suprression in Design Elements

October 16th, 2015

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This series on best fit gardening is coming up with solutions for those difficult situations in your garden that seem almost impossible to solve.

If you can't have a garden like this one because of the location and soil at your place.

Try for something that best fits the situation.


Areas that receive hot baking sun in summer and shade in winter will always prove a challenge and sometimes end up being a haven for weeds.
This week's challenge was an east facing clay bank between mature eucalypts with a Tradescantia problem
Yes, the weeds that seem to creep up on you when you’re not watching, almost overnight.
So what can be done if you want weed suppression?
Find out more by listening to the podcast.

Planting suggestions were:

Kalanchoe fedtchenkoi variegata

 Kalanchoe fedtchenkoi variegate-Lavender Scallops, for sub-tropical to warm temperate districts.


Cyanotis foecunda-south African Pussy Ears for warm temperate to cool temperate.

Has striking silver foliage.

Cyanotis foecunda

Ceratostigma willmottianum-Willmotts Blue or Chinese Plumbago:For cool temperate areas.


Tradescantia is now the politically correct name for what we once called Wandering Jew.
It’s particularly good to get rid of this weed because it seems to harbor so many things that make our pets itch and us sneeze.
Spraying might seem the easy option, but those waxy leaves and stems seem impervious to weed killer.
Wear gloves and try and rake up as much as possible to get on top of it, then closely monitor the patch for any more outbreaks.


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