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November 12th, 2015

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Continuing with the series on best fit gardening. Living Fences

Conifers make great living hedges but may not suit your district.


1-COS_1805.JPGFences make good barriers between neighbours and for keeping out undesirable animals but what if you don’t want a hard fence?

A Living Fence is a fence made of living trees and shrubs either made from thorny or non-thorny plants.

It can also be called a green fence, or hedge.

Will a living fence work and what would you grow in your district?

Let’s find out by listening to the podcast. I'm talking with Garden Designer Peter Nixon


PLAY: Best Fit Gardeningliving fences_11th November_2015

Your living fence can act as a better windbreak that that solid paling fence, plus it also creates a home for beneficial insects.

Peter mentioned Grewia occidentalis ‘Lavender Star or South African Crossberry; Solandra longiflora or dwarf Hawaiian Chalice; Choisya ternata or Orange Blossom and of course rose bushes for cool districts.

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