Real World Gardener Best Eucalypt Flowers in Plant of the Week

November 30th, 2018


Grafted Eucalypt Trees: Corymbia ficifolia


Would you like a tree that provides you stunning colour that you could also cut for your vase?

A tree whose flowers cover the leaves like a coloured blanket?

Better still, these trees don't grow much over 3 - 5 metres in height.



Of course you do, and if you have thought of it before, you’ll definitely want to grow this after you hear why it’s so good.

I'm talking with the plant panel : Jeremy Critchley of and Karen Smith, editor of

Let’s find out.

The Plant Panel recommends that if your tree is suckering like Karen’s one, keep removing the suckers with secateurs, otherwise they will take over and possibly result in the death of the upper part, which is the scion.

  • TIP: When you plan to purchase a grafted eucalypt, make sure you check the graft union so that the top and bottom is equally matched.
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