Real World Gardener Autumn in Japan and Ephemeral Plants

December 28th, 2016

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Autumn in a Japanese Garden and Ephemeral Plants

In Australia, only some parts of the country have defined seasons.

In other parts, sometimes it feels like there are only two season, slipping from winter to summer, cold to hot, wet to dry.

In Japan, there are definite seasons, and they are celebrated not by just visiting the spectacular parks and gardens, but by the food that is consumed by the Japanese.

Every thought of eating a fried maple leaf?


Chantelle Leenstra in Japan (Own photo)

That's only some of the delights on offer when visiting Japan in Autumn.

I'm talking with Chantelle Leenstra, Prinicpla of Garden Atelier, Garden Designer and Public Speaker about her recent trip to see Autumn in Japan.

Play Interview here. 21st December 2016

Not all areas of Australia have defined seasons.

However, if you want to celebrate a change of seasons you can grow plants which only flower in specific times here are some of our suggestions.

For cool temperate districts, Japanese Maples and Cherry Blossoms, Nerines, Oriental Lilies, and Tree Dahlias.


Golden chalice vine

For temperate gardens, Day Lilies,Golden Chalice vine (Solandra maxima), Canary Creeper(Senecio timoides)and Snake vines,( Hibbertia Scandens) plus Golden Rain tree (Koelreutaria paniculata.)

Tropical zones: Poinciana tree, and Frangipanis. Check out the facebook page of the Frangipani Society of Australia.

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