Real World Gardener Autumn Gardening Part 1 in Design Elements

March 24th, 2017


Autumn Gardening Series Part 1


Autumn gardening –is a favourite time for many gardeners around Australia because it’s a much milder time of year compared with the heat of Summer.

In some districts the leaves on deciduous trees are starting to change colours to Autumn buttery yellow tones, or flame red, other plants are putting on a new flush of growth and budding up for the last hurrah before the cold sets in.


Bodnant Garden, England photo M Cannon


During Summer, many of us stayed indoors under the fan or in the air-conditioning while the plants in the garden sweltered.

So, if you haven’t already gone out to assess your plants, you need to act soon

Let’s find out why. I'm talking with Glenice Buck consulting arborist and landscape designer from

Even though some of your plants were being attacked by various pests and diseases, the heat of Summer has meant it’s been too hot to spray with anything because of the risk of burning the leaves.

Also,Summer rains in some districts would’ve meant that the sprays would’ve been washed off anyway.

So over the next few months, seize the opportunity to follow Glenice’s autumn gardening plan.

Glenice says 

" I firstly weed out all beds then I look at what shrubs and perennials need cutting back or deadheading.  Sometime shrubs have grown out of shape or spread out too far across or over other plants prune these plants back into their own shape.  Give everything their own space.  If there are plants not looking healthy try and investigate reason why – it may have a pest or disease it may have dried out through summer."

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