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March 24th, 2017

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Native Holly

Alcornea ilicifolia


The holiday season is over but in case you thought you can improve on next year’s celebrations, what about planting something that is reminiscent of this time of year and it’s a native.

Not only that it good for little native birds because of it’s dense foliage.

Let’s find out about this plant. The plant panel were Karen Smith, editor of Hort Journal and Jeremy Critchley, The Green Gallery wholesale nursery owner.

I'm talkingwith the Plant Panel : Karen Smith, editor of Hort Journal  and Jeremy Critchley, The Green Gallery wholesale nursery owner.



This plant would discourage intruders if you planted it under your bedroom window or along the front fence line.

Remembering of course that there are 17 plants called native holly in Australia so do ask for Alcornea ilicifolia.

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