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August 3rd, 2014

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with ecologist Sue Stevens
You might recall that in days gone by, anybody who was driving badly, or being silly, was often called a'galah'.


Then, most human galahs are young. If their galah habits persist, they may graduate, and become dills, or nongs.These parrots are easy to spot and you would think they like to hang in large groups, but this fascinating parrot is often misunderstood and under-estimated. The Australian galah is not only intelligent but also a loving social animal that mates for life.
galahs.pngDid you know that Americans pay $1000 for a Galah on the illegal market and many Australians keep galahs as pets because they just love their antics?


But for Australian farmers they can’t get rid of this grain-destroying bird fast enough.
Another fact you mightn’t have heard of is that Galahs weren’t all that common before British settlement.
But now, because of all the grain growing, their numbers of increased dramatically.
Sadly, Galahs aren’t protected in most states of Australia because of their love of eating grains.
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