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March 27th, 2013

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Wildlife in Focus

with ecologist Sue Stevens

Did you know that Australia has
native pigeons? Not all the pigeons you see come from oversees, nor do they
congregate eating areas and create a mess on the pavement. Some pigeons, are
extremely well behaved, and it turns out, are native to Australia.

Let’s find
out about one that’s probably visited your area recently.

The crested pigeon is only one of
two pigeons endemic to Australia with an erect crest. As Sue mentioned, it’s
usually not far from water because it needs to drink each day. You’re likely to
see it quite a bit in the urban environment, on reserves, golf courses, gardens,
and sports grounds as well as pastoral areas. I’m sure I heard the whoo- whoo
of the crested pigeon in my garden only yesterday, and sounding exactly like
the call you heard. It took off with that familiar whistling sound before I got
to see it.

We’d love to see photos of the
crested pigeon or any birds you’ve got visiting your garden, just send them in to. or write in to 2RRR P.O. Box 644
Gladesville NSW 1675, and I’ll post a CD in return.

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