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November 30th, 2014

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proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2F1.bp.blogspot.comwith ecologist Sue Stevens

Other names for  Australia's Barn Owl are Monkey-faced Owl, Ghost Owl, Church Owl, Death Owl, Hissing Owl, Silver Owl, White Owl, Night Owl, Rat Owl, Screech Owl, Straw Owl, Barnyard Owl and Delicate Owl.

The last one is the sub-species occurring in Australia-Tyto alba deliculata.

The heart-shaped structure of the facial disc is unique to these types of owls (Tyto species).


If you think all owls sound out hoo hoo, hoo hoo, then you would be amongst the general concensus but incorrect.

Barn Owls are generally quiet, the common call being a  rough, hissing screech.

I think they should add another name-Farmer’s friend because these owls breed up quickly when there’s a mouse plague.

Barn owls specialise in hunting small ground mammals, and the vast majority of their food consists of small rodents.

In wooded areas, the Barn Owl's is a stealthy hunter, lying in wait for an unwary animal to pass underneath, then diving down to strike.  

Barn Owls also quarter over open grassy paddocks at low altitude, flying without making a sound, to snatch mice from the grass. 

Since European settlement, the Barn Owl's favourite prey has been the common house mouse and introduced rat species. 

Sadly, many barn owls die in Australia every year due to secondary poisoning as a direct result of human pest control methods.

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