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October 25th, 2018


Australian Native Cut Flowers vs South African Native Cut Flowers

A lot of customers to florists shops ask for a bunch of Australian native flowers, then point to some King Proteas in the shop, saying, " yeah, some of those."

Of course they're surprised to learn that the King Protea is from South Africa.

Sure, Australia was once connected to Africa millions of years ago when it was still Gondwana, but there's no reason to be confused.

The reason some people think that the King Protea is an Australian flowers is possibly because both the Proteas, Waratahs, Banksias, Grevilleas, Leucondendrons reside in the same family, namely Proteaceae, and

that causes confusion?



In any case, time to learn how to look after some of these hard stemmed flowers.

  • Never leave fresh flowers in a hot car.
  • Recut the stem ends neatly with sharp secateurs, removing the bottom 3 cm.
  • Prepare your vase or container: make sure it is clean.
  • Add fresh clean filtered water but NOT flower food to these flowers
  • Check every day, as your flowers can use a lot of water.
  • If cut-flower food is not used, change the water at least every second day.
  •  Do not display your flowers in areas that are exposed to full sun, draughts or high temperatures.
  • Keep as cool as possible without freezing.

I'm speaking with floral Therapist, Mercedes Sarmini.from

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