Real World Gardener Arranging Those Succulents in Plant of the Week

December 20th, 2018


Visiting Ivy Alley: How to Make Succulent Arrangements

Floral arrangements are something that ‘s widely known and practised but what about other types arrangements?

Could you have a living arrangement of plants that were brought inside for a little while then left outside to keep growing?

Would they outgrow their pot or could you find plants that don’t need to be moved?

Today, we’ve got the answer and this is like a living display but how and what plants should you use?

Let’s find out. I'm talking with Rachel Gleeson, horticulturist and owner of succulent and bonsai nursery, Ivy Alley.


Pick a couple or sculptural or architectural succulents and then fill in the spaces with spreading succulents such as sedums.

Rachel suggests Sedum “Green Mould” as a filler succulent and whatever takes you fancy, maybe Echeveria Topsy Turvy and another 1 or 2 architectural succulents to make your display.


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