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January 3rd, 2013

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What about calling those "gardeners" that don't want a nice garden or continually complain about mess from falling leaves, "anti-gardeners?'

Wildlife in Focus:

with Sue Stevens.

This bird is also known as the Grey
Jumper, is a quick-moving, and is a native to Australia where it roams
woodlands, eating insects and seeds at, or near, ground level. It was first described
by ornithologist John Gould in 1837,
Let’s find out more about this bird…

As Sue mentioned, the Apostlebird
was named after the twelve apostles.

fact, Apostle birds travel in family groups of between 6 and 20, often joining up
with other family groups into large feeding flocks of over 40.

It also seems that they have plenty of nicknames not all of which are complimentary.

Sometimes called Lousy Jacks (due to heavy louse infestations), Happy Jacks,
Happy Families and CWA Birds. CWA birds is a bit of a dig of a Country Women's
Association meeting by comparing it to the Apostle bird's constant chatter.

You may just well come across it in
your travels, is so, we would love to see your photo of this bird. Send it in to or post to 2RRR po Box 644 Gladesville NSW

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