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March 15th, 2015

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with Jeremy Critchley from and Karen Smith, editor of Hort Journal magazine.


Ever heard of summer snapdragons?

If you haven’t you’ll be surprised to know that there is such a plant that has flowers that look like small snapdragons. Not only that, they appear on a small bushy plant all summer long and into autumn, plus they’re scented.

Did you know that Angelonias weren’t well known in the gardening scene until the late 1990s?

Luckily, breeders and plant development companies saw that they had great potential and started producing Angelonias that were shorter and heavy-flowering.

Angelonias are easy to grow and can stand hot days and humidity which normal snapdragons can’t.

Flowering: Summer, Late Summer.  

The biggest flowers for big visual impact, even from a distance!


proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2F2.bp.blogspot.comAngelonia Archangel has the most generous blooms, vibrant colors, glossy dark green foliage with a robust, well-branched habit, delivering big Summer impact.

 Angelonia Archangel is not your average Angelonia, it has flowers that are three times larger than other varieties and thrives in extreme heat, humidity and drought.An excellent container or bedding plant and creates a striking display for landscapes.

Worth a try.



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