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January 27th, 2013

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Wildlife in Focus


with ecologist Sue Stevens

In Spanish, Chova De Alas Blancas, in Italian Gracchio
Australiano Alibianche, in German Drosselkrähe.

What am I talking about? The White Winged Chough....

As Sue mentioned, white-winged
choughs usually have four adults that are deployed to feed one young, because
the beetle grubs they eat are so difficult to find. But they will also kidnap
young from another family, enticing them away by spreading their wings like a
toreador's cloak. The youngster is fed for the first season, then recruited
into the feeding team in the next year. The result is a bigger
"family", that can raise more young.

If you’ve seen this bird, perhaps in
Callum Brae woodland around Canberra, or just around your neck of the woods,
send in a photo, or mention where you’ve seen it, all info to or write in to 2RRR PO Box 644
Gladesville NSW 1675

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