Real World Gardener Alocasia in Plant of The Week

August 28th, 2019


Alocasia species

For an instant tropical feel, plants with large leaves are one of the main choices.

Some of these belong in the Alocasia family originating from a bulb or rhizome. 


Alocasia amazonica

But will they grow in your district.

Let’s find out

That was Jeremy Critchley

PLAY: Alocasia 21st August 2019

Jeremy mentioned these varieties of Alocasi to watch out for.

Alocasia macrorrhiza, Alocasia zebrina and Alocasia amazonica, are all outstanding cultivars.

The latter has very dark green leaves with prominent veins, edged in white, while the back of the leaf is purple.

Slow growing but hates the cold.

Jeremy thinks that it looks a bit like an African mask.

Don’t be like me and forgot they die down in winter.

Luckily I didn’t throw it out.

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