Real World Gardener Alluring Anthuriums in Plant of the Week

February 17th, 2019


Anthurium "Allure."

Listeners in southern states will have to keep this plant outdoors, however if you live in Townsville or around the Top End, outdoors will be no problem all year round but not in full sun.

But what is this alluring plant with dark green luscious, tropical leaves.

Let’s find out …


I'm talking with the plant panel where were Jeremy Critchley of and Karen Smith editor of

Anthuriums are evergreen, subtropical small plants with dark green glossy heart shaped flowers and leaves.

They’re great for indoors as houseplants but if you live in the tropics, they also make beautiful underplanting for shady and part-shady spots.


If you have any questions either for me or Jeremy or Karen why not write in to

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