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February 23rd, 2017

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Feature Interview

Frangipani Society of Australia

So many gardeners love the sight of flowering Frangipani's with their exotic scent, and colourful blooms.

Frangi's as they're known, can have a bewitching effect on the  collector, admirers and avid gardeners.



Sometimes if you weren't a collector but went to a Frangipani Show, you suddenly became one because there are so many colours and cultivars that you just have to have.

Not everyone can grow them though and there are some helpful tips that need to be followed.

I'm talking with Anthony Grassi, Coordinator of the Frangipani Society of Australia's shows.



Why isn't my Frangipani flowering?

Often a question asked and her'es the answer.

Frangipani's need 6 hours of full sunlight to initiate flowering.

However, if you have a tree that was grown from seed, then expect to wait a minimum of 3 years, and sometimes up to 10 years, before it starts to flowers.

Cutting grown frangipani's will flower in the first year, but not in the second because the tree is putting it's energy into establishing a strong root system.

Flowering will recommence in the 3rd year.


Fertilise when the claws first appear in Spring with a 6 months controlled release fertiliser and add granular sulphate of potash.

Sudden Impact for Roses is also a good alternative.

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