Real World Gardener Albany Woolly Bush is Plant of the Week

July 13th, 2017



Albany Woolly Bush

Adenanthos sericeus

Are you a fan of Western Australian plants?

They grow so many wildflowers, banksias, and Eucalypts with huge inflorescences or inflo’s as those in the now like to call them.

But how do they do in other parts of Australia, particular if they’re grey and fluffy and have been used mostly as a Christmas tree?


Albany woolly bush flowers


Let’s find out …I'm talking with Karen Smith, editor of Hort Journal a

PLAY: Adenanthos Silver Lining_5th July_2017

The greyness and upright growth of the Albany woolly bush makes it look sort of snow covered making it the perfect choice if you want a real Australian Christmas tree.


Adenanthos Silver lining (40 cm x 1.5 m) is a very attractive native ground cover with fine, silvery grey foliage that is both soft in appearance and to touch,

'Silver Lining' is a low water user, thriving in dry conditions.


Adenanthos Silver Lining image supplied by Plants Management Australia

All Adenanthos are particularly well suited to coastal zones as long as you proived them with well drained or sandy soils.

Susceptible to borers and dieback (Phytophthora)

Woolly bush is best suited to dry summers rather than humid climates.

Some growers suggest that plants need rocks for anchorage in windy sites.

Fertilise with low P 1.6%

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