Real World Gardener 11th February 2017

April 7th, 2017


What To Do In The Autumn Garden? Mulching

Do you mulch your garden? I hope you all answered, yes?

If you do what sort do you use?


Homemade mulch using an Hansa chipper. photo M Cannon

 Do you use black plastic, pebbles, gravel, scoria?


Paths needing mulching photo M Cannon

Or do you use pine bark fines, leaf mulch, or your own shredded green waste?

There’s quite a few to choose from and quite a few to steer away from.

Let’s find out why.

PLAY: Getting Your Garden Ready for Autumn Part 2_22nd March 2017

That was Glenice Buck consulting arborist and landscape designer from

The reasons for mulching is to keep the soil moist when it’s hot, and to keep the soil warm when it’s dry, in other words, it’s keeping the soil temperature constant. 

Mulch keeps weeds at bay

Mulch is a good all round gardening task, but mulches free of viable weed seeds, such as leaves, good compost, and wood chips are best.

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