Real World Gardener 10th February Stunning Hong KOng Orchid Tree is Plant of the Week

February 23rd, 2018


Bauhina x blakeana: Hong Kong Orchid Tree


We love our orchids because of the spectacular showy flowers, which can seem tricky to grow.

What if they were easy to grow and you didn’t have to fuss about the growing medium or the fertiliser?


Bauhina x blakeana: Hong Kong Orchid Tree

Would you want that? Of course.

Let’s find out .how.

I'm talking with Karen Smith editor of


Bauhinia_blakeana%2Bsingle%2Bflower.jpgThe Hong Kong orchid tree was discovered by a monk in the 1800’s then propagated and grown in the Hong Kong Botanic gardens. 

The residents there thought it was such a lovely tree that it was planted out all along the coastline.

If you live in the tropical parts of Australia, say Darwin, then expect to see this tree in flower from February right through to November.

If you are planting from seed you can expect your Bauhinia to flower from a year to two from when it was a seedling.

If you have any questions about HK Orchid tree either for me or for Karen, why not write in to

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