Real World Gardener 10th February NEW Tibouchinas are Plant of the Week

March 10th, 2018


Tibouchina cultivars

Ever heard of a plant godfather? 

There surely is one, and he’s the godfather of these next plants because one, he discovered how to pollinate them, and two, he bred smaller more compact and cold tolerant varieties with outstanding colours . All of this meant that gardeners suddenly had a plant that was manageable in size and could be grown in areas of Australia where it hadn’t been known before.

Let’s find out all about it

I'm talking with  Karen Smith editor of Hort Journal mamagzine


Tibouchina "Cool Baby" Image courtesy of Plants Management Australia



The newer varieties of Tibouchina were

Groovy Baby with vivid purple flowers that grows to 40 cm.

Peace baby with white flowers and deep purple stamens that grows to 60 cm and Cool Baby has white and pink flowers on the same bush and grows to 45 cm.

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