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September 20th, 2015

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Talking with the Plant Panel; Karen Smith editor of and Jeremy Critchley owner


Just imagine if you were looking at plants at a plant fair and you saw something that you were pretty sure had never been seen anywhere else before?

You certainly would have to know your plants, but that’s just what happened at a plant show in 2005 in Argentina.

It seems that (Friendship Sage) we must say thanks to Rolando Uria of the University of Buenos Aries for this very fine plant. Yes, at a plant fair, Rolando really know his Salvias and picked out that this plant was a truly unique hybrid sage.

Needless to say that it’s generated a great deal of excitement in the Salvia world.

The flowers are pretty showy so let’s find out what it is.

Salvia%2Bamistad.pngPLAY: Salvia Amistad_16th  September_2015

A medium size semi-shrubby perennial with fast growth in the warm seasons to reach 1.2m by at least as wide with glossy green deltoid shaped leaves that are textured in a way similar to Salvia guaranitica.

In Spring through to Autumn and the flowers or whorls of large rich royal purple flowers emerging from near black dark bracts.

Best grown in full to part sun along the coast or at least with protection from afternoon sun in warmer inland locations in a fast-draining soil with moderate to regular watering.

Ideal for pots or summer borders, this is a strong growing variety with stunningly beautiful flowers. Dark purple buds open to deep purple flowers with an almost black calyx. If you give it a light trim you’ll be rewarded with repeat flowering.


Salvia Amistad can take cold winters to -6 0 C, but because it’s always flowering, it’s worthwhile even if it only lasts the year.


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