Real World Garden Designs for a Sunny Garden

March 27th, 2013

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Design Elements

with Landscape Designer Louise McDaid

This month, Design elements is still fixing your garden design problems, but we’re looking at the different amounts of light that you have in the garden. To some gardeners this can be a problem because if you’ve got too much sun or not enough sun, you mightn’t be able to grow the plants that you like the best.

But all is not lost.

Let’s find out what can help if you have too much sun, particularly western sun, in your garden?

Western sun is very drying and as Louise said, the easiest thing to do is to plant a tree. Not only are you helping solve the problem in your garden, you’re also providing habitat for the birds, reptiles and insects to shelter on those hot, dry days. There’s been a lot of recorded bird and animal deaths over the last summer because of the heat, and this is the best thing that you as a gardener can do to help wildlife that visits your garden.

There were lots of excellent tips with Louise

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