Real World Gardener Beautiful Firetail Finch in Wildlife in Focus

February 17th, 2019


Beautiful Firetail Finch: Stagonopleura bella

Over the years, Australian birds have featured on this program, but how good are we at identifying the calls?

It’s not that easy is it?


Beautiful Firetail finch

What about placing a particular bird in the correct family of birds?

That should be easier so where do finches sit? Parrot family or Passerine?

Let’s find out . 

I'm talking with Dr Holly Parsons from


Amazing to see in the wild, males and female Firetail Finches are similar, being small and chunky, with striking barring and a pale blue eye ring.

Let’s hope listeners that people don’t mistake them for mice scuttling about the long grass looking for grass seeds.

They also like the seeds of Casuarinas and Tea-Trees.

Can you imagine this little bird building an exact bottle shaped nest tipped on its side? 

The nest is built from grass and carefully woven by both of the birds.

Not found in urban settings that much, but in shrubby settings.


If you have any questions either for me or for Holly, drop us a line to or write in to 2RRR PO Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675


Real World Gardener Keeping Goats in Suburbia

July 28th, 2017



Keeping Goats with Robyn Rosenfeldt editor of PIP permaculture magazine

Have you ever kept a sheep goat or pig in your backyard in suburbia?

Sounds a bit far fetched but I do remember see a couple of sheep keeping the lawn down in the front yard of near where I used to live which was only 8km from the CBD.

So what questions should you ask yourself about goat keeping and why would you want to anyway?

What are the benefits?

On the line is Robyn Rosenfeldt, editor of PIP magazine whose standing by to answer all these questions and more.


Hello and welcome to Real World Gardener Robyn.


First why keep a goat or two in suburbia?


How much space do you need for say 2 goats?


Do You Want to Keep Goats So That You Will Never Have to Mow Your Lawn?


If so, think again. Goats will eat your rosebushes clean, carefully devouring every single leaf and flower. However, they’re not going to mow your lawn.


They’ll nibble at grass here and there in a sort of unorganized fashion, creating a look very similar to Rod Stewart’s hairstyle.


How much work is involved? Ie milking, feeding, building a goat pen?


Do goats make good pets?

Do I need to exercise my goat and take my goats for a walk?

What information does the prospective goat buyer need before getting their first goat?



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