Real World Gardener Plants for a Warm Temperate or Coastal Climate in Design Elements

June 6th, 2019


Old Fashioned Shrubs: Warm Temperate Coastal and Inland Mediterranean zones.

This includes Adelaide, even Melbourne, and Alice Springs with temps in the 40’s in the Summer and rain in the winter.

What is on offer for the hot dry sub-tropics. Let’s find out. 

I'm talking with Peter Nixon, garden Designer & project Manager from Paradisus Garden design.

Temperate coastal and inland mediterranean are zones that would suit many a location around 

Australia as long

Peter mentioned these plants

Shrubs and small trees: 

  • Carpentaria californica-white flowers.
  • Alyogyne heugeli-mauve flower, also in white.
  • Nerium oleander-cut them any which way and they respond.
  • Arbutus unedo-Irish strawberry tree.


Romeya coulteri photo M Cannon


Perennials & sub-shrubs: that are easy in that climate

  • Perlagoniums, peltatum, sidioides, Sims carnations, hate humidity
  • Salvia spathaceae-pinky red flowers
  • Monarda didyma-heaps of hybrids
  • Phlomis italicum-sage like in appearance
  • Romneya coulteri with very large poppy like flowers.
  • Mimulus or Diplacus, both are monkey flowers-semi-shade location.
  • Acca sellowiana-fejoa, prefers low humidity.
  • Caeselpina ferrai-Leopard tree
  • Iochrama-violet tube flowers
  • Artemisia arborescens-wormwood.

Real World Gardener Pretty Varied Triller in Wildlife in Focus

June 6th, 2019


Varied Triller: Lalage leucomela

Today it’s a pretty looking bird that is Australian but with a French sounding scientific name.

Varied Triller's have a wide-ranging diet, about anything from fruits, to nectar, and insects.

Don’t be alarmed though, they go for the fruits of native figs and not your fruit trees in you backyard or orchard.


Varied Triller

Let’s find out more.

 I'm talking with Dr Holly Parsons from

The varied triller is a small to medium, about the size of a noisy miner and weigh around 35grams.

The male is black on top, with white eyebrows and grey barring on the chest. The Females are similar to the males, but with a little bit more brown in their feathers.


Lalage leucomela

Their call is a softish churring sound. Rather pleasant to listen to.

The Varied Triller builds a beautiful cup shaped nest held together with spider’s web and placed in the fork of a tree.

Sorry Tassie and Victoria, you miss out, but maybe when you’re travelling to other parts of Australia, you can listen out for them.


If you have any questions either for me or for Holly, drop us a line to or write in to 2RRR PO Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675

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