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April 6th, 2018


Small Trees that are "useful and beautiful."

Have you got a small or large garden?

Chances are a lot of you are thinking, mmm, it’s pretty small but I used to have a large garden.

Either way, there’s always room for a small something, to fit into the design scheme that won't take up too much room, is out of the ordinary, and is "useful and beautiful."


Bauhinia hookerii or White Bauhinia

Today, we’re talking about something that’s either a very large shrub or a very small tree. 

Let’s find out what they are.

I'm talking with Peter Nixon Director of Paradisus Garden Design

PLAY: Useful & beautiful small trees_28th March 2018


Peter mentioned Hibiscus schizopetalus also known as Japanese Lantern which has the daintiest red flower.


Hibiscus schizopetalus: Japanese Lanter photo credit: M Cannon


The flower almost looks like a ballerina suspended by a fine thread and are terminal, meaning that they're at the ends of the branches.



White Bauhinia or Bauhina hookerii with white butterfly like flowers.

Brachychiton bidwillii which may be grafted but can be summer deciduous in areas such as Adelaide.

If you have any questions either for me or for Peter, you can email us or write in to 2rrr, PO Box 644 Gladesville NSW 1675.

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