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September 4th, 2016

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So Africa is on your bucket list of places to visit, but which part?

You might want to consider Namibia because not only has it all the animals you want to see, but it also has got everything from semi-desert vegetation to subtropical plants.

Conservancy Members with Animal Traps for Monitoring photo Katie oxenham

Not only that, according to the Lonely Plant guide,  Namibia possesses some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa, and a trip through the country is one of the great road adventures.

Let’s find out what else in this final part of Namibia with Katie Oxenham, ecologist who worked in Namibia for 2 years as Conservancy and Natural Resource Management Support.

Conservancy Member with Gerbil for Monitoring photo Katie oxenham

Katie was living in a remote area which was surrounded by lush tropical plants along a river in the north of the country.

Some of the animals that were counted were the Jennet, a cat like Mongoose or perhaps like a Meercat.

In the north of the country the ere more vegetation than the arid areas of the south which are mainly covered with veldt grasses.

Northern Namibia has a wet season and a dry season, with open woodland rather than forest.

There are some great sights to see in Namibia, which Katie mentioned in part 1 of this interview, like Etosha Nationa Park, and the Petrified forest.

You can catch that up by listening to the podcast by searching this blog.

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