Real World Gardener The Mystery of Summer Branch Drop in Design Elements

March 9th, 2017


Summer Limb Drop


Most people would be wary of various species of Eucalypt trees, which can drop limbs without any warning.

But what about other trees that drop limbs?


Muogumarra Nature Reserve photo M Cannon

When the Summer’s are long and hot without much rainfall, trees are stressed.

How can you tell then if a tree is so stressed that a big branch is about to fall off?

I'm talking with Glenice Buck, Consulting Arborist and Landscape Designer of


Glenice noticed plenty of fallen branches in paddocks near where she lives in Young.

Unfortunately the answer to the question how can you tell when a tree is going to drop a healthy limb, and that is, you can’t tell at all if a tree limb is going to fall.

Perfectly good branches just seem to break off.

The trees are perfectly fine [on the outside] and the inside, they seem to be structurally sound - a lot of the trees that have dropped limbs, you could not pick that they were going to fall.

You would expect that trees that are structurally unsound, are more likely to drop limbs, but as a rule, the normal eucalypts that drop limbs like the red gums and a lot of our box trees, have been dropping limbs with no sign of structural damage at all.


If you have any questions about trees for Glenice, why not write in or ask for a fact sheet.