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August 3rd, 2017


Indoor Plants for Cool Climates

It’s been said that indoor plants remove pollutants from inside your home but did you know that plants can help fight colds?

Yes, that’s right, indoor plants have been shown to reduce cold related illnesses by more than 30%.

This is due to their effect of increasing humidity levels and decreasing dust.



Chamaedora seffirzii can also be grown indoors in cool climates


This series on indoor plants is to suit everyone around Australia so this week we’re focusing on what plants that you can grow indoors if you live in a cool climate.

Let’s hear some more.

I'm talking withJulia Levitt Director of


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Did you know also that plants can stop your headaches?

That’s right, because they’re removing those VOC;s(volatile organic compounds.) that your appliances, carpet, and furniture are giving off every day.

Plants in the home have also been shown to lower blood pressure.

PLANTS mentioned

  •  Palms-Bamboo palm (Chamodorea seifrizii), Bangalow palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana) Dwarf Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii), Fishtail Palm(Wodetia bifurcata), Parlour Palm, ( Chamaedorea elegans), Walking Stick Palm (Linospadic monostachyia)
  • ·    Snake plants (Sansevieria trifasciata) for clean air
  • ·    ZZ plant(Zamioculcas zamifolia)-minimal watering
  • ·     Sago palm ( Cycas revoluta) withstands cool winter temps.

There’s more, but I’ll fill you in next week.

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