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March 2nd, 2017

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Facebook for Gardeners_Feature Interview

Facebook can definitely be for gardeners in this feature interview,

There are a lot of gardening groups around Australia but a lot of them exist in the virtual world.

Yes, they exist online and are waiting for you to join them.

Here’s a few reasons why….

I'm speaking with Chantelle Leenstra, garden designer and principal at Garden Atelier

PLAY: Facebook for Gardeners_22nd February 2017

One of the first groups Chantelle joined was called Plant Idents.  

Simple concept. 

You take a photo of a plant you don’t know the name of, and people respond with the name of the plant. 

It’s full of professional horticulturists as well as just people who love gardens but don’t do it professionally.

You can start joining other groups as well, like cactus and succulent groups, rare and unusual plant groups, and lots more. 

And then through these little discussions in these groups, you can form friendships with more and more garden lovers, and it will transform facebook for you, because won't see random rubbish any more on facebook, 


 You will be personalising facebook so it is all about things that you love.


Here are some groups for you to join.

Australian Garden Enthusiasts – because I love having a sticky beak into people’s gardens! Lots of people sharing pictures of their beautiful gardens.

All Horts – for professional horts + garden lovers. Members are focused in Britain so I get an insight into what’s going on over there.

Succulents and Cacti Collectors Australia 

Planet Begonia-all about Begonias of course.

Planet Tillandsia – all about air plants, you know that don’t need soil to grow like Spanish Moss, but there are heaps of really cool interesting Tillandsias too.


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