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August 3rd, 2017

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Abelia grandiflora


Abelia grandiflora in my garden.

Fabulous shrub that is a must for most gardens either as a hedge, topiary or stand alone shrub.

The species grows 2 x 2 metres but there are also dwarf cultivars like Abelia Frances Mason.

Did you know that Abelia is named after British consul general in China 1817 - Dr Clarke Abel?

Abelias mainly flower in summer but can flower in autumn as well. 

Long flowering with the creamy white changing to a reddish color as they age, often have red calyces behind the flowers. 

Flowers have a nice sweet fragrance. They have trumpet shapes that form in little balls at the end of the stem. 

Flowers are bee attracting

Talking with Hugh Mandelidis and Lewi Beere about Abelia grandiflora.


In autumn the leaves colour up to a reddish-bronze look but this depends on your climate.

If you live in a cold area such as Bathurst where temperates can fall to -10 C overnight, expect your Abelia bush to have the reddest of red leaves.